sobota 23. apríla 2016

REVIEW NUXE Rêve de Miel cleansing gel and body cream

Hello Beauties!

As all of the beauty gurus and girls all around Europe I love me some French pharmacy cosmetics.:-) NUXE is great example of one of the favourite brands that is made in France. From lip balms to body and face oils to as simple as cleansing gel and body cream.

The scent of both ULTRACOMFORTABLE BODY CREAM and FACE AND BODY ULTRA-RICH CLEANSING GEL is one of a kind. In some way it has bit of sweetness from honey, bit of herb scent from sunflower and for me this combination is very pleasant. The scent does not linger for long so you would not attract any bees during summer months.:-)

Both are very hydrating, nourishing for the skin and great for everyday use. Very handy pump on both would provide with the rite amount of the body cream or cleansing gel. The pump can be secured by turning it to the side. I was not using the cleansing gel for my face thou. Bit of scared of that.

The prize for both of these was less than 20 EUR and that is great value for 400 ml!;-) And no nasty chemicals in either one of these usefull products.

It is total recommendation from me!:-)

Love you all!


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