streda 27. novembra 2013

KIKO Maku up Milano - Ultra Tech waterproof mascara, Pure Clean instant make-up removing wipes

My first and ever purchase from KIKO Make- up Milano.:-) I hear about KIKO from French YouTube girls. I bought this in KIKO shop in Rome, Italy. The shop was packed with girls (because of the sales) and it was really hard to see, touch or try anything. I asked one younger shop assistant if this mascara is for length or volume and she recommended it to me for both. She said "Oh, actually I am wearing it right now." She had amazing long lashes and therefore I bought the mascara.:-)

Oriflame Pure natural purifying cleansing wipes - Čistiace pleťové obrúsky s výťažkami z čajovníka a rozmarínu

At first I would like to point out that I have never used cleansing or make - up removing wipes. I am almost 30!?! Could you believe it?:-) Ok, I used wipes for hands. I realized that everyone around me is using some kind of cleansing, removing, calming etc. wipes. They are convenient to use. It is a big time saver, you do not need any water, great for travelling, and you can use it everywhere and anytime. So why I have never used wipes? I just do not know.:-)

sobota 23. novembra 2013

No more bad hair day - Balea dry shampoo (trocken shampoo)

I am not the only girl that has days where hair just does not like me. There are flyaway everywhere, hair with no volume, flat hair, oily roots...Well, sometime I just make a pony tail and pretend that my hair are good as they are. I know it is a shame. I heard a lot of good things about DOVE dry shampoo which can be used also as texturizing product. I found in DM drogerie similar one from Balea for about 2 euro. It was good price and Balea products are quite good. This Balea dry shampoo (trocken shampoo) is excellent for me.:-)

štvrtok 21. novembra 2013

Illamasqua Nail Varnish - Throb Lak na nechty

I hope that if you read some of my blogposts you can tell that I am kind of nail polish junkie.:-) I do like to try new nail polishes, glitters, stickers, nail art ornament and new techniques to do my nails. I usually do my nails twice a week. It is quite often, but part od the reason is that usually after 3 to 4 days one of my nail get chipped. I have never tried anything from Illamasqua. I was really surprise when I received nail polish (varnish) from Illamasqua in Ladybox October. You can buy Illamasqua nail polish 15 ml for £14.50 from official Illamasqua web site.

streda 20. novembra 2013

Recent Avon and Oriflame purchase - Nákupy

Are you the same person as me that you never have enough of balm and mascaras? As always I do have several (I mean 6 or 7) open balms and mascaras. Some of the balms are in my purse others at work or home. I use balm constantly either for lips, cuticles, dry upper parts of my hands, heels, elbows, scratches or bruises. Almost on any part of my body. Even on my nose if I am sick.:-)

pondelok 18. novembra 2013

Essence Nail Art Special Effect Toppers

Once again I bought bit too much when I was shopping in DM - drogerie. This time I was looking for some nice glitter nail polishes, glitters, stickers or anything that would make my pre - Christmas manicure so much nicer and festive. I found these amazing Nail Art Special Effect Toppers from Essence!:-) The price for each was less than 2 euro and therefore I had to buy them all!

nedeľa 17. novembra 2013

Vitamins Argan Oil

This was my first oil that I used on my hair. All over the beauty blogs and on YT are girls that swear by Aragn Oil and its benefit for everything - hair, body, face... I looked thru eBay and found Argan Oil from Vitamins. Price for 100 ml was around 10 euro. 

sobota 16. novembra 2013

Face of the day Natural make-up Travel friendly - Denné líčenie

During my stay in Rome, Italy I did not want to put loads of make - up and spend 30 minutes of doing so. I wanted to be presentable and neat. This look will take you 10 minutes and you can leave your house for adventures of the day.:-)

Tea Tree Calming Mask Sheet Skin79 - Maska na tvár Ladybox

I am big fan of using any kind of face masks. This Tea Tree Calming Mask Sheet from Skin 79 was part of Ladybox October. I used sheet mask before and I was very pleased with it. It was sheet mask from Balea.

štvrtok 14. novembra 2013

Caudalie Divine Oil (Huile Divine)

I really like to use all kind of different oils on my body, hair, face, hands, feet. This from Caudalie - Divine Oil (Huile Divine) is a special one. It is dry oil specially designed from four different oils - grape oil, extra-virgin argan oil, extra-virgin hibiscus oil and sesame oil. The price range for this Divine Oil is a bit higher, for 100 ml you will pay around 35 euro ($ 49). 

pondelok 11. novembra 2013

Avon calming effect - redness corrector

I tested this Avon calming effect - redness corrector for a few weeks but still I cannot decide if it is good or not. The size is 15 ml and I bought it for about 2,5 euro. I tried to apply it with finger or brush, with or without face primer. Because I do have red cheeks and if it is hot in the room or outside my cheeks just get so red and hot that they are more visible that I would like to. Whou, such long and complicated sentence.:-) Basically, hot = red cheeks = not nice look.:-)

sobota 9. novembra 2013

Lioelie Triple the Solution BB cream

This would be very short blog post about Lioelie Triple the Solution BB cream SPF 30 whitening wrinkle care. I bought this from for about 20 euro after I saw several YouTube beauty gurus talking about how great it is. All was true.:-)

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream - Crème Eclat du Jour - Denný rozžiarujúci krém

I do not have a one stable day cream - moisturizer and I like to try and change it a lot.:-) I bought Clarins Daily Energizer Cream - Crème Eclat du Jour on eBay in four sample sizes and was not more than 10 euro. Which if you want to try something new and do not want to buy a full size product, is good way of testing new things.:-)

Avon Magix Face perfector

Today I would like to share my opinions on Avon Magix Face perfector (perfecteur de teint) with SPF 20. I do have combination oily skin and I need to use primer for better application of foundation and also I need to prolong the wear of it.

streda 6. novembra 2013

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer

I am not hyped up by the face sprays. I see face tonic, beauty waters and so everywhere. I bought Caudalie one and that I like a lot because of the smell and that it contains essential oils. I do like deep cleansing mask from Liz Earle that I reviewed. You can check the review here and therefore was curious about another product from Liz Earle.:-)

pondelok 4. novembra 2013

L´Occitane LAVANDE De Haute - Provence foaming bath - pena do kúpeľa levanduľa

I really like to take baths. It is calming, relaxing and pampering time. I usually use bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salt or some solid bubble making thing.:-)