pondelok 31. marca 2014

Last week nails with Matte Barry M and CATRICE #1

Hello Beauties!

Do you know Matte Barry M nail paint/ polish, who doesn´t? On my trip do Ireland I went to Boots and buy three shades from gorgeous matte collection - Vanilla, Mocca and Crush. My most favorite is Barry M in Vanilla. Beautiful beige nude shade. I can combine it with any color in my nail polish collection - brights, pinks, reds, blues...any color would be flattered with this matte shade. It is my favorite matte nude color. If I do not know what color should I choose for my nails!

nedeľa 30. marca 2014

DIY SUNDAY Gold Beaded candle or make-up holder - Room decoration

Hello Beauties!

I have had this idea about beaded glass from Ikea candle that I had spare for some time. I used up the candle and then cleaned up the glass. I saw gold plastic beads in floral supplier shop, they had ton of stuff for DIY floral project and I will definitely be shopping there soon. The last thing I used was super glue or any other permanent glue suitable for glass and plastic parts. I cleaned the glass and the plastic beads and glued them on in diamond shape. I let it dry and I was done!

If you want a bit glitter you can spray painted the glass with one.;-)

Have a beautiful Sunday!


sobota 29. marca 2014

Essence Bloom me up! brushes - Essence štetce

Hello Beautiful!

On my recent drugstore raid I finally found brushes from Essence Cosmetics Bloom me up! collection. I looked thru limited editions on Essence web site and this brushes were released at the beginning of the March, but on 28th of February they were gone!... They were sold out....?!? I had to go to two other DM drugstores to found these brushes.:-) The name of limited collection is Bloom me up! and part of the collection is also beauty blender, eyelash curler, kabuki brush, brush with sponge at the end and double sided brush with spoolie and angled brush. You can see full collection is HERE

piatok 28. marca 2014

Favorite hand and nail creams - Obľúbené krémy na ruky

Hello Beauties!

Good hand and nail cream is one of the basic care that I cannot live one day without. I use several creams for different purposes. During night I preffer thick cream bit greasy nourishing cream so my hand would be soft, with no dry patches and dry cuticles. If I have dry skin around my nails I would bite it out. I´m nasty girls, I know. :-( During day at work I often wash my hands and they would get dry very quickly. I need cream that would be light, soaked up quickly but also left my hands hydrated and nourished without greasy or oily feeling.

streda 26. marca 2014

URBAN DECAY Naked 3 and VICE 2 ➳♥

Hello Beauties!

I finally DID it. I am in a big of Urban Decay lovers. I know that NAKED 3 and VICE 2 are everywhere. But I had to snap some pictures of my new lovezzz.:-) I bought both in Sephora - Paris, France. Both were under 50 euro and I was very lucky girl when I found out that they still had VICE 2. That was my most wanted palette since I first laid my eyes on her.:-)

pondelok 24. marca 2014

Last week in photos #4

Hello Beauties!

Next week behind us... The first Spring Day was last week! Could you believe it??? Christmas was 3 months ago.:-) As always, the weather during working week was nice, sunny, warm, special spring weather. But the weekend was awful - cold and rainy. I think that I need my working week and my weekend the other way around. So I could more enjoy myself and time with my puppy outside.:-)

≧◠‿●‿◠≦ ETUDE HOUSE Goodbuy Pore Ever ≧◠‿●‿◠≦

Hello Beauties!

Everybody knows that if you have a good base everything goes better, smoother, less visible pores, even skin tone, foundation application smoother, no streaks, no smudges etc. It is nice to have such a base or primer and do not pay 50 euro for 15 ml of product. You can find great ones in drugstore (Maybelline or L´OREAL) if you are more of a high end girls (Benefit, GOSH). I am more of a drugstore girl and I am always looking for solid primers or bases that would work on my bigger pores and oily skin. I found Goodbye PORE EVER pore primer essence from ETUDE HOUSE on eBay for really cheap, not more than 5 euro.

piatok 21. marca 2014

❤ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Stereo Rose ❤

Hello Beauties!

I finally got it! MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Stereo Rose is my love for several years. I wanted to buy it from eBay, but I have never had a chance to buy for a reasonable price. I was so happy after I realized that MAC is going to release MSF Stereo Rose in Spring 2014 collection.:-)

pondelok 17. marca 2014

Black white polkadot manicure

Hello Beauties!

Recently I bought my first two nail polishes from Essence. The first one I used was Essence Sparkle Sand Effect, you can see HERE.

Last week in photos #3

Hello beauties!

Last week was pretty bussy but mostly interesting because I went to Paris for a bussines trip. YAY! I went to the most famous pharmacy in Paris and also to Sephora.:-) Enjoy few of the pictures from Hotel and city Cambrai where I was staying. The Hotel and room was super lovely! I enjoyed bath and had a very relaxing sleep. I made a few pictures of Paris and lastly pictures of some goods that I bought in Paris.;-)


nedeľa 16. marca 2014

DIY SUNDAY - Golden Vase - Váza

Hello Beauties!

Today DIY Sunday would be about Pringles...YAY, I like crisps and on Pinterest you can find loads of DIY with Pringles can. I did a vase from it.:-) As always, it is a super easy DIY. I hope you like it!

štvrtok 13. marca 2014

✼✼ Last week nails - Spring manicure - Nailart ✼✼

Hello Beauties!

Finally, Spring is here. Easter je behind the door and my nails should be more colorful, too. I done two super easy, funny and colorful nails - nail art with CATRICE and Sally Hansen nail polishes. As a top coat I finally used Essence Better than gel nails, it is very very nice top coat. I hope you like it!:-) I bought Essence sparkle sand effect nail polish in 165 here´s my number. I like it a lot, it has multicolor glitter - sand.

streda 12. marca 2014

EMTIES - Products I used up January - February 2014

Hello Beauties!

After my basket of thrash was full I decided to do EMTIES or Products I used up and tell a bit more about skin care, body, make - up products I used (throw away) in January and February 2014. As I look on the pictures, there are load of products. Some are used till last drop and some I have had for years and did not want to bother anymore...

utorok 11. marca 2014

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Violet Make-up inspiration - CATRICE


Hello Beauties!

On Saturday night I went for a drink with my best friend. It was a long ago that we went for a drink and I wanted to try some new look. I had palette from CATRICE Arts Collections - Baroque for a few months. I did a review on two of Arts Collection palettes and you can read it HERE. It is very nice palette with pinky violet eye shadows. 

pondelok 10. marca 2014

Last Week in Photos #2

Hello Beauties!

I would like to with you share few of the pictures from my last week - first March week of 2014. :-) The AVON Christmas hand cream has super cute packaging. It is sticky on my hand but I like it because it hydrates nicely. Always wear a lip balm, I have to have them everywhere. I have several in my handbag; two on my table, at work...Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care is one of the two on my table. I use it constantly and like it a lot.

nedeľa 9. marca 2014

DIY SUNDAY - Soap dispenser - dávkovač na mydlo

Hello Beauties!

I realised that I have so many bottles from shampoo and conditioner...all kind of plastic bottles. Some of them are nice for reuse and it would be shame to do not so. Even thou I did not like L´OREAL Mythic Oil shampoo and conditioner the bottles with pump were nice and I decided to DIY soap dispensers from them!:-)

štvrtok 6. marca 2014

☀ ETUDE HOUSE Put your hands up↑ ☀

Hello Beauties!

As you may know I have recently fall in love to the Korean beauty products, again. I really like sheet masks from Korean companies, BB cream are my love for a several years and just very recently I have started to discovering other Asian, but mostly Korean beauty secrets and products. I think that Asian type of beauty is mainly focused on skin, natural, flawless, beautiful, pale but radiant skin. Nevertheless, no hair is also big. When I saw packaging of ETUDE HOUSE Put your hands up↑ I fell in love! Soooo, cute!:-) 

pondelok 3. marca 2014

(✿◠‿◠) Haul - Boots - Manufactura - Rossmann

Hello Beauties!

Today another blog post about shopping.:-) I cannot help myself, I love shopping, I love make-up and beauty products. Especially when I hear or read just good thing about these products!

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ February Favorites 2014 (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Hello Beauties!

February was super short and very busy month for me. A lot of work, lot of stress and less sleep. The weather was extraordinary, too. No snow, temperatures around 0 to + 10 degree Celsius and cold wind blowing. My skin was rather at good behavior and I think it was because of my skin care routine.:-)

nedeľa 2. marca 2014

DIY Silver necklace with rhinestones - náhrdelník s kryšlátikmi

Hello Beauties!

I bought few years ago golden necklaces from eBay. At that time it was a hit to have collar necklace and they were literally everywhere. I did not want to throw it away and looked thru Pinterest and got a ton of inspiration for making these.:-)

sobota 1. marca 2014

Spring - ish nails - bright orange with turquoise glitter - Winner of my Giveaway

Hello Beauties!

March is here, cannot believe that Christmas was two months ago. The weather was really nice last week and I decided that spring is almost here and my nails have to be spring - ish, too.:-)