utorok 20. mája 2014

April most used lip stick - lip butter

April just did fly by for me. It was so short. I did not even realize and we have mid of May. Summer is behind the door. I was going thru my everyday work bag and I found 5 different lip products in a various stage of use and with different date of purchase. I am a "what you, you use" user of products. If I do not see something for months I usually do not use it or I use it much slower. Three of these lip products I have in my purse and the Catrice Pure shine I have right next to my couch on very nice shiny white table from IKEA. With coinsidence all are quite shiny, but no metal glitter shine.

štvrtok 15. mája 2014

✪ This week mani in pink and glitter - Manikúra v ružovom a strieborný gliter ✪

This week mani with pink CATRICE Arts Collection nail polish in C01 Pinkroque (review HEREand glitter nail polish CATRICE in 40 I´m Dynamite. The Best drugstore top coat ESSENCE Studio nails Better than gel nails.


Tohto týždňová manikúra v ružovom CATRICE Arts Collection nail polish odtieň C01 Pinkroque (článok TUa glitrový lak CATRICE odtieň 40 I´m Dynamite. Najlepší krycí lak z drogérie ESSENCE Studio nails Better than gel nails.


utorok 13. mája 2014

Travel essentials - Make-up I brought with me to Denmark

During few last years I realized that I bring with me less and less things. It is not just in make-up, but also my skin care has fewer products. For a four days I´m able to bring just one backpack for all I need - clothes, make-up, skin care, some snacks or dry food and water bottle. It is my fave backpack from university from company MILO 35 l. I was able to bring for my recent trip just 9 make-up things. Yay, for no luggage check-in! More time for duty free.;-)

pondelok 12. mája 2014

Recent make-up purchase - HAUL - YSL, CATRICE, ASTOR - Nákupy

I recently went to buy a gift for my very good friend. She is into make-up and cosmetic as I and therefore when bought her Dior nail polish I have had to buy something for myself, too. I went to Marionnaud store and they have had a 40 % off sale for second make-up product. That was a sign for me that I have to buy something, preferably something that I would not normally buy. And that was YSL lipstick!;-)

piatok 9. mája 2014

What I bought in Odense - for DIY projects

Hello Beauties,

During my recent trip to Denmark I have had a time and went to the nordic well known shop for DIY-ers. It´s called "ALL OVER THE WORLD" - sisters Sostrene (Sostrene Grenes Handelskompagne). They have stores all over the Denmark and Norway. You can almost anything for handwork and more. You can find loads of interesting project on their web site and YouTube channel - www.grenes.dk. It is an amazing store!:-)