streda 25. decembra 2013

❅ Christmas nail art - Festive nails ❅

Merry Christmas to all!

As a base I used two coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in 460 Save the Date which beautiful burgundy color. As a top coat I used my new glitter top coat from CATRICE - 45 Kitsch Me If You Can. It has big pinky gold glitter and then small multicolor shimmer.

Mascaras with brushes bigger than your eye

 Hello Beauties 

Today I would like to do a little overview of mascaras that I bought recently. The first one is AVON Infinitize mascara and the second one was part of Ladybox November - CATRICE Better Than False Lashes. Both are black and have brush the size of my eye.:-)

pondelok 23. decembra 2013

ღღ Clarins Everlasting Foundation - Teint Haute Tenue ღღ

Hello Beauties,

I am BB cream girl.;-) Well, I usually do wear BB cream. I prefer original Asian BB cream especially from Lioelie. Easy to use it, wear it, has high SPF, brightening and hydrating properties. If I should wear foundation it would be for a bit more special occasion - date, concert, etc. It would be THIS one - Clarins Everlasting foundation (Teint Haute Tenue).

Catrice Cosmetics - Arts Collection eye and face pallets LE

Hello Beauties,

Once again I was shopping at DM drogerie where I found "new" Limited Edition from Catrice cosmetics. It is limited Arts collection - 3 pallets and 3 nail polishes. In Slovakia you can get just two pallets - pink and green one. Pink represents Baroque and green Jugendstil. The last one, orange which represents Art Deco, is not available in our country. The price in DM drogerie was less than 8 euro for each pallete which is not bad at all. ;-)

❦ CATRICE Cosmetics nail polish - Arts Collection LE❦

Hello Beauties,

I recently bought two of tree nail polishes which are part of CATRICE Arts Collection - limited edition. Pink, orange gold and green; all are massive shimmery and very nice. You can see the shimmer right on the nails. The nail polish bottles are unique and on each is different pattern. The price in DM drogerie where you can buy Catrice, was around 2,70 euro which is the same price as for regular nail polishes.;-)

štvrtok 12. decembra 2013

Catrice mousse blush spectaculART collection

Hello Beautiful,
I have never own mousse blush. When I saw this in DM drogerie near checker for less than two euro I had to have it! I know this is not a new thing because I saw this kind of mousse blushes around summer. But it was in sale and when I look at it it was very nice. The second reason was that during winter my skin get a bit less oily and this would be better than powder blush. More natural.:-)

Gold manicure with orange twist + Catrice nail polishes I bought recently

❤ Hello beautiful 
This is very easy and nice manicure. I bought few new colors from CATRICE and wanted a bit of staple nails, well at least my ring finger was a bit in summer still.:-)

pondelok 9. decembra 2013

Last week love - sickness week - Najčastešie používaný make-up minulého týždňa, keď som chorá

This is first time that I am writing this kind of blog. So please bare with me.:-) I usually like to change my make up a lot. That is not because I am so talented and have a huge imagination. I just each week buy something new and therefore I like to try it, test it and see how it works.

nedeľa 8. decembra 2013

❤❤ DIY Christmas gift - treat ❤❤

Hello Beauties,

Today I prepared for you very simple, quick DIY Christmas gift for your friend, colleague, mom ... or for yourself. It is very nice as a Christmas decoration.:-) 

❅ ❅ Sunday tittle tattle - Nedeľňajšie klebetenie ❅ ❅

Máme druhú adventnú nedeľu! Ja stále nemôžem uveriť, že už je po Mikulášovi a do Vianoc je to už len "pár" dní. Mikuláš prebehol v chorobe a tak isto aj celý víkend.:-( Takže čajíkujem, užívam si svoje super teplé ružovučké "kroksy" s kožušinkou, ktoré mi doniesol Mikuláš. Waw, musím sa mu veľmi poďakovať! Sú teplučké, perfektné pre zimné mesiace a kožušinka sa dá odstrániť takže aj v lete ich určite využijem.;-)

sobota 7. decembra 2013

Simple festive nailart - red white dots

I like to do my nails.:-) I know that I talked about it before, but when I see girl/ woman with nicely done nail the girl/ woman looks so much put together that if her nails are bare or even worst gnaw out (nails or skin around nail). This red manicure is super easy, festive and quickly done.:-)

pondelok 2. decembra 2013

October - November Empties - Products I used up - Október a November - vypoužívaná kozmetika

Once again a blogpost about products I used up durin October and November. I know it seems a lot, but some of them I did have for more than a year.:-)