štvrtok 12. decembra 2013

Gold manicure with orange twist + Catrice nail polishes I bought recently

❤ Hello beautiful 
This is very easy and nice manicure. I bought few new colors from CATRICE and wanted a bit of staple nails, well at least my ring finger was a bit in summer still.:-)
I used gold nail polish from CATRICE Ultimate 03 TheGlamoureX Factor and bright orange CATRICE Ultimate Papa Don´t Peach (Great name!:-) ). The gold nail polish is not clasic gold but more into rose gold which is very trendy. Both polishes are pigmented, creamy an opaque. The brush is traditional as in almost all Catrice nail polishes, not too big or too small. The size is handy and with two swipes you are done.
Base coat, two layers of Catrice nail polish and top coat. Very easy, nice and interesting.:-)
The price in DM drogerie is about 2.6 euro.

Hope you like it.:-)


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