piatok 18. júla 2014

Most wear accessories

Hello Beauties!
When I´m dog walking during early morning I usually think about what I´m going to wear to work both clothes and accessories. I do have about 30 to 40 minutes to figure it out. Well, sometimes it is more than enough, but there are days that even after I wash my teeth, face, shower... you know, morning routine... and walk around the house, I still cannot deside what I´m going to wear and what accessories I´m going to put on.

pondelok 14. júla 2014

☼☼☼ Balea Summer shower gels LE - Balea letné sprchové gély - limitky

Hello Beauties!

Summer is in my city in a full strength. Kind have summer vacation for two months, temperatures are rising and moderately cold shower morning/evening are necessity. It is great to have a fresh citrusy shower gel to helps wakes me up and during evenings to calm you for sleep and remind me about vacation - sun bathing, lying on the beach, cocktails, ocean ...

nedeľa 13. júla 2014

DIY bow garland - Urob si sám girlanda z recyklovaných obalov

Hello Beauties!
Garlands are big trend in these days, DIY especially. I do love Nimm2 candy and they have very nice packaging. The paper around candy is like wax paper from inside and fun colours on the outside. It would be such a shame to waist it.:-)

sobota 12. júla 2014

DIY ring or brooche holder - Urob si sám držiak na prstene alebo brošne

Hello Beauties,
Are you a ring, bracelet, necklace or earing lover? I´m 50/50 necklace and ring lover. My ring collection has grown a lot in recent years that I had to think about some new storage for comfortably store my ring and have some space for few new rings.

piatok 11. júla 2014

DIY paint - THIS HOME RUNS ON... Urob si sám - maľba

Hello Beauties,

Last few week I did loads of DIY projects. Well, if "thinking" means "doing". For great finish you need to plan and then perform to make sure that the project will be success.

štvrtok 10. júla 2014

Favourite scrubs at the moment - FACE and BODY - Obľúbené pílingy na tvár a telo

Hello Beauties,

I´m big sucker for amazingly smelling beauty products. These two scrubs - face and body - are the one of the best smelling and working I´ve ever tried. 

streda 9. júla 2014

GIFT SET: Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum with Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water

Hello Beauties,
During my Paris shopping raid I picked up set Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum with Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water. It is hydrating kit that should leave the skin smooth, hydrated and supple. I picked it up just because I heard Essie Button rave about Caudalie serum.

pondelok 7. júla 2014

EMPTIES - Used up products - Face and body

Hello Beauties,

In this Empties blog post I do have almost all of my favorites body and face beauty products. Some of them are really cheap and some of them like Korres or Dior are on the more expensive scale of beauty products. 

nedeľa 6. júla 2014

Marionnaud NATURE Cherry Blossom mattifying cream - mask and ultimate anti-blemish care

Hello Beauties,

During my shopping raid I went to Marionnaud shop because I did have a 20 % off of all beauty products and 30 % off of Marionnaud products. UI have never buy anything from Marionnaud before and therefore I wanted to try something that would lady in the shop recommended to me. Because I do have a bit problematic skin I did choose mask and blemish care.

sobota 5. júla 2014

EMPTIES - Used up products - make-up

Hello Beauties,

When I am looking at the picture I realize that I used up three mascaras!?! Is it even possible?!?:-) Well, it is not because some of them are just too old (like more than 6 months). After I have had conjunctivitis (inflamed eye) I became picky about how long I use eye make-up and especially mascaras...

piatok 4. júla 2014

DIY necklace - layering piece with rhinestones and gems

Hello Beauties,

Layering of necklaces is in trend for several season. I do have few layering pieves, but you never have enough of jewellery.:-) 

štvrtok 3. júla 2014

Review SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack

Hello Beauties,

Do you have problems with blackheads and big pores on your nose, too? I am always looking for beauty product that would help with these problems. Asian beauty products are usually great with problematic skin. SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack should be the ideal products for me?!?

streda 4. júna 2014

EMPTIES - Used up products - hair and body - Vymíňané výrobky - vlasy a telo sprcha

Hello Girls!

After few months it is time for emptying my paper bag from Marionnaud and write a small review about hair and body products that I used till the last drop.:-) I decided to divide my post about Empties to different categories - hair and body (shower), make-up and face and body care. I always have ton of used up products and even more samples that I would like to share with you, but that would ginormously long blog post that no one would reads.

nedeľa 1. júna 2014

DIY White - silver bead necklace

Hello Beauties!

Every girl needs necklace that she can put on and be lady or girl next door. This necklace is that baby for me. I can put it on with jeans and white or black T-shirt or with LBD.
I used white and silver beads (several packages), needle, thread and lobster clasp. On some of the bead rows I did few knots. Each row of beads is long variously. The longest row of beads ends up somewhere between my breasts. Yeah, I like this necklace a lot.:-)

Have a beautiful Sunday!


✄ ✄ ✄ ✄ ✄ 


Podľa mňa každé dievča potrebuje náhrdelník, ktorý môže nosiť keď je za dámu, ale aj za dievča od vedľa. Takýmto náhrdelníkom je pre mňa tento. Môžem ho nosiť aj k džínsom a bielemu alebo čiernemu tričku, ale aj k malým čiernym.
Použila som biele a strieborné gorálky (niekoľko balíkov), ihlu, niť a zatváratko. Na niektorých šnúrkach s gorálkami som urobila uzlíky. Každá šnúra s gorálkami je inak dlhá a tým náhrdelník vytvára veľmi pekný vodopád. Najdlhšia šnúra mi končí zhruba medzi prsiami. Hm, tento veľmi jednoduchý ale krásny náhrdelník nosím veľmi rada.:-)

Prajem krásnu nedeľu.


utorok 20. mája 2014

April most used lip stick - lip butter

April just did fly by for me. It was so short. I did not even realize and we have mid of May. Summer is behind the door. I was going thru my everyday work bag and I found 5 different lip products in a various stage of use and with different date of purchase. I am a "what you, you use" user of products. If I do not see something for months I usually do not use it or I use it much slower. Three of these lip products I have in my purse and the Catrice Pure shine I have right next to my couch on very nice shiny white table from IKEA. With coinsidence all are quite shiny, but no metal glitter shine.

štvrtok 15. mája 2014

✪ This week mani in pink and glitter - Manikúra v ružovom a strieborný gliter ✪

This week mani with pink CATRICE Arts Collection nail polish in C01 Pinkroque (review HEREand glitter nail polish CATRICE in 40 I´m Dynamite. The Best drugstore top coat ESSENCE Studio nails Better than gel nails.


Tohto týždňová manikúra v ružovom CATRICE Arts Collection nail polish odtieň C01 Pinkroque (článok TUa glitrový lak CATRICE odtieň 40 I´m Dynamite. Najlepší krycí lak z drogérie ESSENCE Studio nails Better than gel nails.


utorok 13. mája 2014

Travel essentials - Make-up I brought with me to Denmark

During few last years I realized that I bring with me less and less things. It is not just in make-up, but also my skin care has fewer products. For a four days I´m able to bring just one backpack for all I need - clothes, make-up, skin care, some snacks or dry food and water bottle. It is my fave backpack from university from company MILO 35 l. I was able to bring for my recent trip just 9 make-up things. Yay, for no luggage check-in! More time for duty free.;-)

pondelok 12. mája 2014

Recent make-up purchase - HAUL - YSL, CATRICE, ASTOR - Nákupy

I recently went to buy a gift for my very good friend. She is into make-up and cosmetic as I and therefore when bought her Dior nail polish I have had to buy something for myself, too. I went to Marionnaud store and they have had a 40 % off sale for second make-up product. That was a sign for me that I have to buy something, preferably something that I would not normally buy. And that was YSL lipstick!;-)

piatok 9. mája 2014

What I bought in Odense - for DIY projects

Hello Beauties,

During my recent trip to Denmark I have had a time and went to the nordic well known shop for DIY-ers. It´s called "ALL OVER THE WORLD" - sisters Sostrene (Sostrene Grenes Handelskompagne). They have stores all over the Denmark and Norway. You can almost anything for handwork and more. You can find loads of interesting project on their web site and YouTube channel - www.grenes.dk. It is an amazing store!:-)