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Recent make-up purchase - HAUL - YSL, CATRICE, ASTOR - Nákupy

I recently went to buy a gift for my very good friend. She is into make-up and cosmetic as I and therefore when bought her Dior nail polish I have had to buy something for myself, too. I went to Marionnaud store and they have had a 40 % off sale for second make-up product. That was a sign for me that I have to buy something, preferably something that I would not normally buy. And that was YSL lipstick!;-)

I love YSL Rouge Volupté shine lipsticks. I have now four of them and I love every single one. They are just amazing - pigmented, great colors, last well, soft on the lips and THE PACKAGING. Well, for me that is half of the reason why I bought this lipstick and that I will buy more in the future.

I bought YSL Rouge Volupté shine No. 19 which is vibrant violet orchid, beautiful color, great for spring and in trend this spring/summer season!:-)

Two other recently bought make-up thing are Astor lipcolor butter in 009 Burnt Rose. I really do like these lip butters from Astor, they are my fave also with Catrice lip butters which I have on my stand near couch and use it all the time as lip balm. This lip butter has nude - rosy color, on lips is shiny, but not like lip gloss. The only thing I don´t like that the letters on packaging rubs off really easily.

As you may know I am a nail polish lover, especially Catrice nail polish lover. Most of my nail polish collection contains nail polishes or nail toppers / glitters from Catrice. Some of them are very nice - as my fave ruby red Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer 060 Bloody Mary To go. The last addition to my collection is new Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer 50 Glitterazzi. I do like the names of the nail polishes from Catrice a lot. They are funny and they hit the nail on the head. I used this nail topper on my ruby red Bloody Mary To Go and my manicure looks line. But I did not use top coat and the glitter started to flake off. So next time I know that I have to use top coat.

What about your recent purchases? 


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