piatok 9. mája 2014

What I bought in Odense - for DIY projects

Hello Beauties,

During my recent trip to Denmark I have had a time and went to the nordic well known shop for DIY-ers. It´s called "ALL OVER THE WORLD" - sisters Sostrene (Sostrene Grenes Handelskompagne). They have stores all over the Denmark and Norway. You can almost anything for handwork and more. You can find loads of interesting project on their web site and YouTube channel - www.grenes.dk. It is an amazing store!:-)
I bought in Odense railway station store just a few paper tapes with beautiful design. It is also called washi tape. These are really popular right now and you can use it for 1000+ projects.:-) The price was 0.75 euro and 0.92 euro. Amazing price! I bought two with zig zag pattern, one in silver and one in red. The other ones are dark blue and white with flowers and one beautiful red-pink with harts. Just beautiful! The selection of washi tapes in the store is huge and I could not deside which ones should I bought.
The other thing I bought were neon pink hart and neon yellow star stickers. I bought them because they are cute. I did not have any other reason.:-) I could not help myself. The price for these was around 0.7 euro. Amazing!


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