utorok 20. mája 2014

April most used lip stick - lip butter

April just did fly by for me. It was so short. I did not even realize and we have mid of May. Summer is behind the door. I was going thru my everyday work bag and I found 5 different lip products in a various stage of use and with different date of purchase. I am a "what you, you use" user of products. If I do not see something for months I usually do not use it or I use it much slower. Three of these lip products I have in my purse and the Catrice Pure shine I have right next to my couch on very nice shiny white table from IKEA. With coinsidence all are quite shiny, but no metal glitter shine.

The first lip product from left is CATRICE Ultimate shine in 060 Don´t Pink and Drive. As always, very cute name. YAY, for Catrice.:-) I got this from LADYBOX. It is nicely hydrating and smelling, non-sticky lip shine with vibrant pink color. Nice and sturdy packaging. It is more pigmented than lip butter but less than a lipstick. I could use it without mirror, but I would ended up with pink outside my lips... well, that´s me.:-) Mostly I just slap lip balm/stick/shine/butter on my lips on the go and do not look into the mirror. This is my morning lip shine.

The second lip product from left is CATRICE Pure shine in 010 Rose&Woody. This one I did have in my purse before it got place on my near couch table, therefore the rubbed off lettering. Nevertheless I do like this a lot. I use it when I´m home and working on my laptop on couch, when I´m watching TV or right before bed. My lips are baby soft after I wake up. This Pure shine look like my lip color, but shinier. Smells nicely after vanilla or some kind of cake, which is a big plus for me. The packaging is bit wobbly but the product is nice.

The third one from left is GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick in 146 Cappuccino. I do have this lipstick for a while now. I thought that this would be my nude lipstick, but on my lips looks bit more brown and therefore I left it in my lipstick drawer. I changed the location and voila! My fave hydrating nude right now. This is my first GOSH lipstick and I would get more.

The last lipstick is a sample Clinique Butter shine in 37 pink-a-boo. I got this lipstick as gift during my last purchase in Marionnaud. I do like this because it is just shine on my lips. Super hydrating and super shiny. The lipstick contains gold shimmer and it is bit sticky on my lips. It melts right away and it shows on the packaging. The other negative thing (for me) is that I have it for 3 weeks and almost half of the bullet is gone! I do have natural but shiny lips.


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