utorok 22. apríla 2014

DIY Remake your old jewelry - ring

Hello Beauties;-)

I´ve been thinking a lot about my ginormous collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces. Some of them I love and wear a lot, but sometimes even thou I love some rings I cannot wear them everyday anymore because of my work or they are worn out.

nedeľa 6. apríla 2014

DIY SUNDAY - Super cute silver holder - How to apply glitter

Hello Beauties!

I don´t have a ton of lipsticks, but my collection is growing slowly. I saw this glass container in floral department and it is perfect for my lipstick collection right now. It would be great also for flowers or brush holder or candle holder. I hope you like it! For what would you use it?:-)

štvrtok 3. apríla 2014

Face, hair, body oils - Oleje na tvár, vlasy a telo

Hello Beauties!
Today I would like to share my concept of using oils in my skincare, hair and body care. All of the oils I am using are plant oils. In recent years there has been a big hype about using oils for almost anything and everything - removing make-up, anti-ageing, body, hair or face hydration, etc. I think that on whatever reason you are using oils, you should use the highest quality possible. The oils should be gained from good quality of nuts, seeds,...; cold pressed, unprocessed - no heat  used, known ingredients and should be stored properly!

utorok 1. apríla 2014

April/ Easter 2014 GIVEAWAY

Hello Beauties!

I decided to do another Giveaway! Yay, for beautiful weather, spring, sun and flowers everywhere. I would like to contribute with my small bit and make two persons happier.:-)