utorok 22. apríla 2014

DIY Remake your old jewelry - ring

Hello Beauties;-)

I´ve been thinking a lot about my ginormous collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces. Some of them I love and wear a lot, but sometimes even thou I love some rings I cannot wear them everyday anymore because of my work or they are worn out.
I love this ring. I have this double finger vampire teeth ring. I did wear it a lot in my past (when I was a lot younger:-)). It fits like glove on hand which is kind of rare cos I have a bit thicker fingers than most women. Because I love this ring so much I decided that it is time to try something new with this ring.

I know, I know it is pretty much pathetic that I painted this ring with black and red nail polishes.:D It is extra super easy, but...I like this new dress for my ring and if I´ll not like it in future I can remove it with nail polish remover very easily!:-)

I hope you like it;-)

What jewelry would you transform into something new?:-)


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