štvrtok 3. apríla 2014

Face, hair, body oils - Oleje na tvár, vlasy a telo

Hello Beauties!
Today I would like to share my concept of using oils in my skincare, hair and body care. All of the oils I am using are plant oils. In recent years there has been a big hype about using oils for almost anything and everything - removing make-up, anti-ageing, body, hair or face hydration, etc. I think that on whatever reason you are using oils, you should use the highest quality possible. The oils should be gained from good quality of nuts, seeds,...; cold pressed, unprocessed - no heat  used, known ingredients and should be stored properly!
I store mine oils in cool room without sunshine. The Almond oils and Coconut oil are "raw" oils and is better to store them in the fridge.

1. Caudalie Divine Oil
Ok, this is not all natural unprocessed oil. But it is amazing! The main ingredient is grape seed oil. I use it for my hair - 3 pumps to my roots if I use more my hair would be oily; and face - two pumps for special night treatment. It is possible to use also for your body, but I would use it up after 2 weeks and it is not cheap oil, at all. Nevertheless, it smells amazing!, my skin is baby soft and grape seed oil prevent wrinkles. You can buy it HERE.

2. Argan oil
Everybody right now uses Argan oil!:-) I use one from Vitamins, even thou it is not 100 % pure Argan oil my hair is super soft and shiny after I use two pumps and work it into my ends. I do have very dry and damaged ends and this helps a lot. The smell is nutty, quite nice and do not linger in my hair. Argan oil helps me a lot with brushing and styling. I bought mine from eBay.

3. Coconut oil
With this miricle oil is the same song as with Argan oil. Every beauty blogger and youtuber has done a video or blog post about this amazing oil. I bought mine in DM drogerie for 7.50 euro. I´m using it as body moisturizer or for hair mask. It is a bit too much for my face moisturizer, but I use it as a mascara remover. For that it is AMAZING. It desolves everything. It smells nice if you like coconut scent, it is bio, raw, non-treated oil. I tried to do oil pulling with coconut oil and it was interesting experience. This oil has great benefits and is suitable for anything and everything. Great for baking, too. 

4. Almond oil
Last, but not least is Almond oil, cold pressed. I use it for overnight hair treatment. I massage it into my hair, not just the ends. It helps with nourishing, conditioning, growing and makes my hair healthy, thicker and my hair grows faster. It is suitable as face and body moisturizer. It sinks quickly and does not leave greasy film on skin. Almond oil does not clog pores, has minerals, vitamin A and E, non-saturated fatty acids.

Do you use oils in your skin or body or hair care routine? Which one do you like and use?


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  1. I have been wanting to try an oil on my hair for awhile now. My hair gets super frizzy so it could definitely benefit from it. Great post!! I would love it if you wouldn't mind checking mine out?

    -A | Mirror, Mirror

    1. You definitely should try at least coconut oil, you can get it everywhere.:-)