štvrtok 14. augusta 2014

DIY Knotting - Chinece knot - bracelet - flower - Urob si sám - čínske uzly - náramok a kvety


For today article I have super easy DIY of bracelet from old jewellery and some spare neon green - ish cord. I do have old chain necklace with some pearl rings. The necklace got ugly and I took it apart and left with these two beautiful pearly rings that I could not throw away. 

I used two cords that were twice my wrist circumference. I intertwined the cord between the rings and secured it with two knots. Then I finished my bracelet with knotting the squre knot to help with adjusting the bracelet to my wrist. Few silver beads at the end and I was done.
Beautiful neon green bracelet.:-)

The Chinese knotted flowers with glass beads are from my previous try. What do you think? They would be great as a embellishment on purse or sweater.


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