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Review SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack

Hello Beauties,

Do you have problems with blackheads and big pores on your nose, too? I am always looking for beauty product that would help with these problems. Asian beauty products are usually great with problematic skin. SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack should be the ideal products for me?!?
The SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack contains three packages - first step (removing black and whiteheads), second step (shrinking up the pores) and cotton swab (for removing blackheads).

The first step should clean up and control blackheads and whiteheads on and around nose. It is strip of cotton soaked up. Firstly I cleaned up my face. Then I opened up the SKINMISO first step. The strip was heavily soaked up with liquid. I placed it on my nose and waited for 10 minutes. It did not burn, dry or feel cold on my nose. After 10 minutes my nose was wet, the strip did not dry at all. I thought that it would be like other nose strips like from Bioré.
After the first step gone from my nose I used the black cotton swab and tried to remove some of my blackheads, without any success. I placed the second step on my nose (it felt and looked the same as the first step) and waited 10 more minutes. I removed the second step from my nose, but I could eyeball my eyes and could not find a change.

Well, I think that even home made white egg peel off mask would be better.

What do you think?


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