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EMPTIES - Used up products - make-up

Hello Beauties,

When I am looking at the picture I realize that I used up three mascaras!?! Is it even possible?!?:-) Well, it is not because some of them are just too old (like more than 6 months). After I have had conjunctivitis (inflamed eye) I became picky about how long I use eye make-up and especially mascaras...
Back to the EMPTIES! I am very happy that I am using up beauty products. It is very satisfying.:-)

1. GOSH Velvet Touch Line Perfector
I did like this base. I used it under make-up, most of the time on my forehead. It was white thick paste, velvet to the touch. It did help with the lines and also with prolonging my face make-up. I would recommend this product to women with normal to dry skin because I am oily on my T-zone and after few hours even with the base I was shiny.

2. YVES ROCHER Grand Rouge 71. Rose Poudré lipstick
It was part of the last year Ladybox boxes. It was very nice nude pink. The lipstick did hydrate very nicely, no shimmer or glitter. Natural for every day use. I did like this lipstick a lot even thou it did not last long on my lips.

3. Mascaras KIKO Ultra Tech, CATRICE Bether than false lashes, AVON Super shock
My fave mascara is AVON Super Shock because it did make my lashes looks great, long, full and no clumps. I did repurchase this mascara several time and I will repurchase it again.
I am a big fan of Catrice but this mascara was average for me. It dried out quite fast and even thou it did make my lashes nice and long I had always dried bits of mascara under my eyes.
Mascara from Kiko was my first experiment with Kiko cosmetics and I think it was my last one. At least for mascara. It was average mascara and I could not get it of off my lashes.

4. Avon Super Shock eye pencil
Eye pencil in Plum was very nice, creamy, soft, easy to work with, great pigmentation, did not drag my skin. I had it for such a long long time, I did not use it for several months and it dried out. The only downside was that it smudge under my eye, therefore I had to set it always with an eye shadow.

5. CATRICE All Round Concealer
Well, well, well....I bought this concealer because beauty bloggers made me do it! I did not need it! :-) I used up just the pale concealer under my eyes. It did crease like hell. If I used powder it was cakey. I would not recommend this to anyone.

6. Perfumes Guess Seduction and Moschino Toujours Glamour
Both are very nice, more on heavy spicey sweet side, but did not last on me more than few hours. I did like Guess a bit more. The price for both is more than 30 euro and I would rather spend my own money on something that I don´t have to reapply every three hours. But if someone would be so nice and would give me a Christmas present of Guess Seductiove I would love it.:-)

What do you think? Did you try anything? Did you like it?:-)


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