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Marionnaud NATURE Cherry Blossom mattifying cream - mask and ultimate anti-blemish care

Hello Beauties,

During my shopping raid I went to Marionnaud shop because I did have a 20 % off of all beauty products and 30 % off of Marionnaud products. UI have never buy anything from Marionnaud before and therefore I wanted to try something that would lady in the shop recommended to me. Because I do have a bit problematic skin I did choose mask and blemish care.

Marionnaud NATURE Cherry Blossom mattifying cream - mask (100 g) is clay mask. It has white color and smells after cherries. YAY.:-) After I applied mask on my face, I waited for about 10 to 15 minutes I removed it with make-up sponge and warm water. The mask did not dry to tight coat on my face. It got from white/ gray to translucent. My skin did not burn or anything, I usually get that from Freeman clay mask (the green one). After I washed it off my skin was not dry, rather bit tight, my pores was smaller but nothing major and definitely my face was matt. For 5 euro it is quite nice mask.

Marionnaud NATURE Cherry Blossom ultimate anti-blemish care is gel that contains alcohol and should help with blemishes. Well, it did not help. I applied it on the blemish only before I went to sleep. The next morning the blemish was there and red as night before. I tried to use it for several nights, but I think that the blemish would go away even thou I would left it alone and use my normal night time skin care.

So the mask is ok and I would recommend it as a nice mask, but the blemish care did nothing for me.

What are your anti blemish and clearing skin helpers?


Ingredients - Mask

Ingredients - Anti - Blemish gel

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