streda 25. decembra 2013

Mascaras with brushes bigger than your eye

 Hello Beauties 

Today I would like to do a little overview of mascaras that I bought recently. The first one is AVON Infinitize mascara and the second one was part of Ladybox November - CATRICE Better Than False Lashes. Both are black and have brush the size of my eye.:-)

AVON Infinitize mascara
I bought this mascara on sale, the price was around 2.50 euro for 10 ml of product. The brush is plastic and curved. It has 3 parts - globes with longer and shorter plastic spikes. The layout of the spikes is too wide. At the end of the last globe are short spikes for separating the clumps on lashes. The formula of the mascara is quite wet.
The biggest problem I had with this mascara was that I could not put the mascara on my lashes. I do have short and thin lashes. I almost poke out my eye when I tried to place the brush near the roots of lashes. This AVON mascara gave me nothing - no length or volume! I tried to be more careful but in the end I put the mascara just on the end of my lashes. For me it the worst mascara I ever tried. Maybe for longer and dense lashes would it work better but for me it was a disaster. 

CATRICE Bether Than False Lashes
This mascara was part of Ladybox November. The price is around 5 euro for 12 ml of product and you buy it in DM drogerie. I was really skeptical when I first open it and look at the brush. The brush was ginormous! It has bristles that are shorter at the end of the brush It has bullet shape. So I could really get into the inner corner of my eye. The formula is nor dry or wet.
When I first apply it I was pleasantly surprised with the effect. It gave nice volume and length to my lashes, well, more volume than length. It separated amazingly, no clumps at all. Two layers are you have...BAM...luscious lashes. LIKE this mascara from CATRICE a lot! 

Did you try any of these mascaras? What are your thoughts? Leave me comment bellow.:-)


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