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October - November Empties - Products I used up - Október a November - vypoužívaná kozmetika

Once again a blogpost about products I used up durin October and November. I know it seems a lot, but some of them I did have for more than a year.:-)

Evaulation of used products: 5 star great product - 1 star - not good at all. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - like it a lot, have already new bottle, will repurchase.:-) 4 stars
Avon Planet spa - Thailand lotus flower deep pore cleansing mask - review here, well it smelled nicely, and helped a bit, will not repurchase, 2/3 stars
Freeman Facial Clay mask mint and lemon - review here, nice and will repurchase, 4 stars
Vichy Normaderm gel - review here, I like this a lot, it helped a lot with my acne! totally works, 4 stars (You can buy it in DM drugstore.)
Purity Vision Rose water - it was quite nice, smells nice and I use as a facial spray / toner, will repurchase, 4 stars (You can buy it in DM drugstore for around 6 euro.)
Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Booster - review here, the spritzer was ok, but  will not repurchase, 2/3 stars
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - It did not help with anything, my skin was the same as before, sooo expensive, it smelled funky, will not buy again, 2 stars
Olay Eye transforming cream - horrible!, irritated my eye, did not help at all, will not buy again, it cost more than 12 euro, 1 star (You can buy it in DM drugstore.)

Sally Hansen Stregthening polish remover - nice, only one I buy, did not dry my nails or cuticles, 4 stars (You can buy it in DM drugstore for around 3,5 euro.)
Versace Versus perfume - nice, medium longevity, will not repurchase because I have another perfumes to finish, 3/4 stars
Gabriella Salvete Riflessi lash growing mascara - ok, nothing special, it smears, will not buy again, 2/3 stars

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain - oh, I used this just once, such a shity product!! no pigmentation, did not feel ok on my lips and dry out my lips horribly, 0 stars
L´OREAL Super Liner blackbuster - did not like it, not pigmented and smears on my eyes, not suitable for waterline or under the lower lash line, 2 stars

L´OREAL Elseve Total Repair Extreme shampoo and conditioner - review here, very nice, my hair was smooth, shiny, 4 stars (You can buy it in DM drugstore for around 2 euro.)
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment - review here, love this cream, great for winter cold weather, helped me a lot, 5 stars
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream - amazing fragrance, nice moisturizer, 4 stars
Balea Deo Roll-on Pitaya - review here, very nice, smells great, bit too wet, 3/4 stars (You can buy it in DM drugstore for around 2 euro.)
SunDance getontes Selbstbraunungs creme gel - review here, did not like it, it was orange and I just thow it away, 1 star (You can buy it in DM drugstore for around 4 euro.)
Oriflame balm - like these, using it for everything, 4 stars

Kiss my face hand cream - it is ok, nothing special, it left my skin with residue, it smells funky, 2 stars
Palmers Firming Butter - it smells horrible, I could not stand it, I did not see any firming, 1 star

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