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Catrice Cosmetics - Arts Collection eye and face pallets LE

Hello Beauties,

Once again I was shopping at DM drogerie where I found "new" Limited Edition from Catrice cosmetics. It is limited Arts collection - 3 pallets and 3 nail polishes. In Slovakia you can get just two pallets - pink and green one. Pink represents Baroque and green Jugendstil. The last one, orange which represents Art Deco, is not available in our country. The price in DM drogerie was less than 8 euro for each pallete which is not bad at all. ;-)
What is written on the packaging?
"The pallet is homage to the artful past. Inspired by impressive epochs like Baroque, Jugendstil or the Art Deco era, the motto is: More is more! The eye and face pallet can be used to create an inspiring, artful and classy make-up and it is a decorative piece of art itself."

Each pallet contains 6 eye shadows (from white, pale pink, violet to dark plum and brown), blush, highlighter, black eye pencil with glitter - very pigmented and double-ended applicator (one end brush one end sponge).
The packaging of pallet is hard cardboard and bulky. It closes on magnet. The pattern on both pallets is beautiful. Both pink and green, are very very nice and it is really a decorative piece. Not very practical for travelling; I would be scared to leave it just like that in my make-up bag. It could get shattered and the closure could open.

 ❈ Pink pallet - Baroque 
All of the eye shadows are nicely pigmented. The pallet contains white and the color goes into very pale gold-pink with gold shimmer, pale pink shimmery, pale violet with satin finish, pale shimmery violet, plum with satin finish and dark brown with gold shimmer.

Blush is bright pink with no shimmer. It has satin finish and it the light you can see very small gold - ish shine. Nicely pigmented and I use it sparingly.
Highlighter has pink color and contains glitter, finely mild and has silver shine.

The color combination in this pallet is very nice. I can use this pallet for both day and night time. From romantic to sultry dark eye make-up; pallet is very versatile and great for  ✔ brown eyes. 

 Green pallet - Jugendstil 
The eye shadows in this pallet have various pigmentation. Some of them are nicely pigmented - dark brown, pale shimmery gold, dark shimmery gold. The darker beige and both green colors are not very pigmented. The pallet does not contain any true matte eye shadows or eye shadows with satin finish which is a bit downfall. One or two eye shadows are bit powdery.
Pallet contains tree shimmery highlight color, none all over - eye lid color and one pigmented - dark brown and not very pigmented dark green, both shimmery. I miss a good eye lid color for every day use. From this collection of eye shadows would be not very easy to do every day easy wearing eye look.

Blush has pinky / peach color with gold satin finish. Very nice color, nice pigmentation and great for every day.

I love the highlighter! It has very nice shimmer; the color is silver with bit of beige. Really beautiful and finely mild highlighter. 

This pallet is a bit...hm, not for me. It is full of shimmer - pale gold, dark soiled gold, shimmery beige. It is not easy to use it for every day eye look. Really like the blush and highlighter. 

I prefer the Baroque pallet, more versatile, nice collection of eye shadows from dark to light. Jugendstil contains 3 shimmery pale highlight eye shadows which is not very practical.

Did you try these?? Love, like or dislike? Write me a comment!:-)


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