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(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ February Favorites 2014 (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Hello Beauties!

February was super short and very busy month for me. A lot of work, lot of stress and less sleep. The weather was extraordinary, too. No snow, temperatures around 0 to + 10 degree Celsius and cold wind blowing. My skin was rather at good behavior and I think it was because of my skin care routine.:-)
From left to right...
Korres Wild Rose 24 h moisturizing brightening cream and eye cream. I thought a lot about buying this duo, but I had not one bad thing say about these two. Both moisturizing, my skin feels so soft, no breakout, amazing that after more than 12 hours wear my skin still feels nice. Love the smell, too. I feared that it would linger, but it does not. The texture of day cream is like stiff cream gel. Very interesting...:-)

Every time I do my nail I use CATRICE Ulti matt nude in 07 Cotton Candy in Eiffel. I use it as a base coat to protect my nails for discoloration; color is very nice but sheer for me to use it as a top color.

The matt foundation is rather new to me. I usually for every day - work time, I use BB creams (the Asian ones). For me it is the easiest to do. If I had a bit more time in the morning, I always use CATRICE All Matt plus shine control make - up in 010 Light Beige. You can read more HERE.

I apply either BB cream or foundation always with brush. My most used foundation and blush brush is from eBay. They did cost few euro, did not shed at all, washed nicely, shape is the same as before. I do not have to "take care" and are amazingly soft. The foundation brush (flat top kabuki) has synthetic bristles and blush brush has natural (goat?) bristles.

During my trip to Ireland I bought Soap&Glory HAND FOOD hand cream. I LOVE this. It smells divine! I have it in my every day bag and use it all the time.:-) 

In the middle, CATRICE Pure shine lip balm. I am not sure what kind of shade it is, the name rubbed off of the packaging. I have in my purse and use it all the time. Lip balm gives my lips very nice sheer berry color, smells nice, tastes nice and my lips are soft and semi shiny.:-) The finish is rather natural. What else could girl want?

The last but not least thing is skin care - ETUDE HOUSE collagen moistfull first essence. It is hydrolyzed collagen. The consistency is like smashed gel, smells amazing. I use it morning and evening. The skin feels so soft after using this. I like it a lot! I have started to use more of Asian skin care lately. My skin behave so well. Sheet masks help a lot with hydration and softness.

What are your February favorites? Do you use Asian beauty skin care or make - up? Let me know in the comments bellow.:-)

Have a nice Monday.


Soap&Glory Hand Food; CATRICE Pure shine lip balm

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