pondelok 31. marca 2014

Last week nails with Matte Barry M and CATRICE #1

Hello Beauties!

Do you know Matte Barry M nail paint/ polish, who doesn´t? On my trip do Ireland I went to Boots and buy three shades from gorgeous matte collection - Vanilla, Mocca and Crush. My most favorite is Barry M in Vanilla. Beautiful beige nude shade. I can combine it with any color in my nail polish collection - brights, pinks, reds, blues...any color would be flattered with this matte shade. It is my favorite matte nude color. If I do not know what color should I choose for my nails!
At first I was a bit bold and paired Barry M Vanilla with teal color - gorgeous shade from CATRICE Ultimate 44 Mermaid my Day. It was my variation on St. Patrick Day. Some green - ish pearls and four leaf clover.:-)

The second time I use it alone with a bit of pink glitter top coat from CATRICE in 45 Kitch me if you Can. Amazing nude combination that is very flattering on my nails.

With what color would you pair this matte Barry M Vanilla nail polish?


2 komentáre:

  1. "Vanilla" looks beautiful - a colour right up my alley! Love the purplish tinge to it that makes it that extra bit special in my eyes.

    1. It is beautiful!:-) I´ve never had matte nail polish and I have to tell that this is really amazing color.