pondelok 10. marca 2014

Last Week in Photos #2

Hello Beauties!

I would like to with you share few of the pictures from my last week - first March week of 2014. :-) The AVON Christmas hand cream has super cute packaging. It is sticky on my hand but I like it because it hydrates nicely. Always wear a lip balm, I have to have them everywhere. I have several in my handbag; two on my table, at work...Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care is one of the two on my table. I use it constantly and like it a lot.

The dragon claw bracelet I DIY - ed a bit. It was shiny silver but I did not like it so I used CATRICE black glittery nail polish. What would you say? It is much more wearable, isn´t it?:-) 

My puppy Korin - Siberian husky is my love. He has beautiful eyes.;-)

I received two packets from eBay. Headband with glitter application and two peacock head pins. The flower is broche and I love it when I wear all black outfit! It would shine on me. With what outfit would you wear the broche?


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  1. Loved to see all your pretty things! The dragon claw bracelet is so cool and great idea on making it another color! Your dog is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you!:-) I like the bracelet much more after I redone it, it is wearable even for my work.

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