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Favorite hand and nail creams - Obľúbené krémy na ruky

Hello Beauties!

Good hand and nail cream is one of the basic care that I cannot live one day without. I use several creams for different purposes. During night I preffer thick cream bit greasy nourishing cream so my hand would be soft, with no dry patches and dry cuticles. If I have dry skin around my nails I would bite it out. I´m nasty girls, I know. :-( During day at work I often wash my hands and they would get dry very quickly. I need cream that would be light, soaked up quickly but also left my hands hydrated and nourished without greasy or oily feeling.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Great cream for night, it has thicker, creamier, silkier feeling. Great for night treatment for hands, it is a bit greasy and leaves a thing protective film on skin. I love the scent of this cream. I would use it mostly before I go to bed or during bad winter freezing weather. The price is a bit higher, but you need pea size amount. You can find it HERE.

AVON Care Paraffin Hand Cream
I received this cream for my sister. The finish feeling of this cream is bit similar to Eight Hour cream, but the consistency is different - less thick, bit runny cream and leaves a greasy feeling on my hands. The after feeling is similar to vaseline. I use it only during night and winter and often for my feet, too. The price for 100 ml is great - around 2 euro. The winter/ Christmas packaging with reindeer is super cute.:-)

CAUDALIE Hand and nail cream
This is my day love! I love the fresh scent of grapes, the texture and feeling of this cream nice, non-greasy, but hydrating. Light creamy texture and spreads nicely. The cream contains grape seed oil and Shea butter. The 30 ml packaging is handy for my purse. Right after I massage it into my hands and cuticles I can work without feeling that my hands are slippery and I need to wipe out oily film from my laptop. You can find it HERE.

My newest edition to my favorite hand creams is HAND FOOD. Smells delicious, I would eat this cream.:-) I have this cream always in my purse. It has smooth creamy texture, it smells divine, hydrates and nourish without leaving my hand greasy or oily. The price for quality is great. You can find it HERE

What are your favorite hand and nail creams? Do you like the same ones as I do? Let me know.:-)


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