pondelok 24. marca 2014

Last week in photos #4

Hello Beauties!

Next week behind us... The first Spring Day was last week! Could you believe it??? Christmas was 3 months ago.:-) As always, the weather during working week was nice, sunny, warm, special spring weather. But the weekend was awful - cold and rainy. I think that I need my working week and my weekend the other way around. So I could more enjoy myself and time with my puppy outside.:-)
On Tuesday I was in Brno and I found out this magic box. It is for charging your phone or whatever!!! You just stick your phone, PDA, mp3 player or reader into the small box, connects it to the machine (bunch of different connectors inside the lock box) and lock it. That is all. I think that this is great idea if you run out of battery in shopping centre or elsewhere.:-)

I bought some fancy schmancy magazines with beauty samples in them and few candles and notebook from IKEA - with an owl!:-) I am bad shopaholic, I know.

The last picture is my cinnamon "pudding" with sponge bisquit and peaches, yummy!:-)

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.


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