pondelok 23. marca 2015

ERBORISTICA PURYSENS Pink Clay face mask - Íľová maska s ružami

Hello Beauties!

During my stay in Milan for 3 days I did had a time to go shopping in a drugstore. I travel a lot and when I saw two sachets of Pink Clay Mask ERBORISTICA PURYSENS I had to have it.:-)

I do like clay mask and use them all the time. Every week I have my time and to the long shower and mask afterward. This clay does not have just the packaging pink, but also the mask is pink as well.:-) What a great idea to have a pink clay mask! It did smell like roses and I loved that too. The one sachet was for two uses but the sachet had to be closed tightly. After 15 minutes, the mask was completely dry and I washed it with damp cloth. The skin was amazingly soft, pores on my nose were tightened and complexion was shining within. The rose part is repairing and moisturizing in opposite to the clay part which is cleansing.

It is great for traveling, great when your skin is tired and stressed after full day of travel.:-)



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