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KIKO Make up Milano eye shadows + palette - KIKO očné tiene TRIO plus paletka

Hello Beauties!

I think that everybody in beauty already knows about KIKO - Italian beauty company which sales everything from mascara to lip gloss. During my Milan trip I went to the Kiko shop and there was a promotion on some eyeshadows that could be picked and choose to the palette with three, six or nine spots for eye shadows! You can change the eye shadows at your will and if you do not use the shadow it that moment the clear protective cap would ensure that the shadow would not breake or be scratched. Each eyeshadow was less than 2.0 euro and the palette was for 3.50 euro. All in all, super cheap.;-)

It was love on first try. I could not choose from the selection of colour but in the end I ended up with the neutrals. I would use them for the most. All colours are highly pigmented; either the matt or satin finish with a bit of a small glitter. The matt colours are bit powdery but the work with them is easy. The eye shadows would blend easily and with primer last for at least 8 hours.

The palette is super handy, small sleek and sturdy. It would not take loads of space in my drawer and also not in my make-up bag. The travelling is very easy with these.

All swatches are without primer.:-)

Love these and would buy much more any time.

Do you have any of the colours? Do you like them???:-)


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