štvrtok 26. marca 2015

ALVERDE body butter - Winter/ Christmas and 25 years Limited Edition body butter sets - Telové masielka od ALVERDE


Hello Beauties!

During Christmas time I did a bigger HAUL in DM drogerie. Finally after few years of watching beauty bloggers to talking about ALVERDE body butters in Christmas or Winter sets (Limited Edition) I just had to have them when I saw the last set of each in DM drogerie. Each set was around 3.50 euro.

Both sets include three body butters of 50 ml each. The Christmas/ Winter set contains pomegranate, cinnamon and red orange scent. The 25 years more Summer set contains pomegranate/ cinnamon, shea butter/ hibiscus and mango scents.

I love these mini body butters for traveling. I done some during January and February and it was amazing after shower. The consistency was a bit of a surprise for me because it was not as thick as I would like for the body butter. The body butter spreads very nicely and soaks into my skin well. It does not leave my skin oily or sticky but soft and hydrated. I used a bit thicker layer and after night my legs were so soft and rejuvenated after long hours of walking. Some of the butters are thicker than the others but do not know why if the base is the same just the scent is different?!?

For me the biggest disappointment is the scent of almost all of the body butters. The scent is very soft and in some way off. Just he red orange and mango are nice. The other ones do not smell at all like the name of the scent.

What do you think? Do you like these???



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