pondelok 20. januára 2014

DIY candle holder, brush holder - svietnik, nádobka na štetce

Hello girls,

For today I prepared for you a super easy tutorial for candle holder, brush holder or whatever you want to store in this gorgeous glass holder. I had to choose the blue stones! I love blue and these are just beautiful. The other thing is that I got them in super price - 1.2 euro! The glass I had from candles from IKEA and the glue? It did cost me aroun 1,5 euro and I can use it for another DIY projects.:-) YAY, this whole project did cost me around 2 euro for piece and it is super cute.:-)

I saw an amazing candle jar with blue glass stones on it on pinterest. The shine shone thru so beautifully. When I saw these blue stone in shop I have known that I used it for this DIY project.:-)
You would need:
- glass jar whatever shape you want,
- glass or acrylic stones,
- glue,
- spray paint (optional).

It is super easy. I did clean the jar and the stones with alcohol. I glued the stones in whatever shape I wanted and then I spray painted the inside of the glass jar. Voilà, you have the candle holder of your desire.:-)
I love this idea. I took me around hour to finish this project. I just had to make sure I do not use too much of a glue.

Would you try this DIY? What are your ideas? Let me know in the comment below.:-)


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  1. fakt krasne! to mozes davat ako darcek!
    Pozývam na giveaway o značkové plavky, tu: http://biancaprincipessa.blogspot.sk/2014/01/pripravte-sa-na-leto-sutazte-s-biancou.html

  2. great idea!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  3. Jééé to je moc krásné.. asi taky vyzkouším :)